20 to 24 January, 2025
Bangkok, Thailand

(The meeting starts with dinner and devotion on Monday 20 January and end with breakfast Saturday 25 January.)

Ministry in Asia is like ministry in no other part of the world.  It is challenging culturally.  It is challenging linguistically.  It’s even challenging geographically.  But, more than anything else, it’s challenging spiritually.  And it’s that spiritual challenge that has caused many missionaries to become discouraged.

Frequently far removed from other like-minded servants, the need for a unique forum for Asia-based independent Baptist missionaries began to grow in the hearts of a small group of men and women who understood the challenges.  The Mission Possible Asian Retreat is their effort to encourage Asian based missionaries to stay on the field by giving them a week of loving fellowship, without any other agenda than glorifying the Lord and edifying God’s servants.  This goal is reached through great music, encouraging preaching, and lots of free time to just enjoy one another.

From the very first meeting, the Mission Possible Asian Retreat has been used to help independent Baptist missionaries who serve in various countries across the continent to realize that they really do matter. 

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