Testimonies From the first Asian Retreat

From Vietnam - My wife and I would like to thank you for inviting us to be a part of the first Mission Possible Asia Retreat. Mary Rose and I have been serving the Lord for almost 30 years now, and 16 years of that in Vietnam. We can honestly say that the fact that we're still in the ministry is only because of the miracle of God's grace. So, when we heard all the messages at the retreat all on the expressions of the grace of God we knew God brought us there. It was a huge encouragement for us to meet new friends and be encouraged. I hope we can continue to be a part of Mission Possible Retreat. Thank you and God bless you all!

From Nepal - My wife and I were very blessed to be able to attend. Thank you for your labor on our behalf. Having the retreat in Bangkok and at this time of year works very well for us. All of the sessions were very good, and we really enjoyed the messages on Laboring Grace, Serving Grace, Strengthening Grace and The God of All Grace.

From South Korea - One of the great things about the MP Retreat is we       are able take a “ministry break”, relax with other “like minded” individuals, fellowship with them and not be concerned about presenting our respective fields. The Retreat was very God honoring and encouraging.

Micronesia - What a blessing to be in a room full of God's servants, knowing we are each facing trials and triumphs, each serving God in different countries with different languages and cultures yet each enjoying the grace of God and the journey for Christ's sake.  Sharing the joys of service, practical advice on husband's ministry and kids, great singing and fantastic preaching all added up to a great spiritual retreat.